The tradition of the aperitif world is the starting point of this unique project that has resulted in a versatile, innovative, avant-garde product with character. A new concept of aperitif that combines the best of vermouths and the best of liqueurs.

autores bonanto

A signature product product

Bonanto was born from the creativity of three renowned professionals with international prestige in the world of distillates and wine; thanks to their talent, their passion and their particular vision of the world of aperitifs, today we can enjoy an exceptional signature product with a delicate, intense, fresh, complex flavor and just the right touch of bitterness.

A natural blend

Bonanto is made with more than 30 botanicals, aromatic Mediterranean plants, a careful selection of citrus fruits and a cherry and apple distillate. In addition, it responds to a new concept of wine-based aperitif, has an alcohol content of 22º VOL and is low in sugar. During its production process, it undergoes different macerations at room temperature, which guarantees better extraction and preservation of its freshness and aromas.

How to prepare your ideal aperitif

Bonanto is, thanks to its versatility, the perfect aperitif to enjoy at any time. Bonanto on the rocks: with ice and orange twist, Bonanto Bubble: with a touch of frizzante (cava/prosecco, tonic or soda), Bonanto Cocktails: reinterpreting the classic cocktail and developing the most creative.

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